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Congratulation to the winners of the 2011 SRS Crown Championship!

-See our facebook page for details-


SRS 2011

Lyle & Jack 1st Place

with owner Neal




We train professional athletes
everyday and use every product
ZoomDog Supplements has to
offer. We start out every
morning with Daily Dog. Then at
feeding time we give Hunt Dog
, because we want the
fastest recovery for our team
after a long hard day. With the
amount of travel we do
attending Super Retriever
Series/Hunt Tests, we started
using Easy Dog and it has
proven to be a great benefit to
our dogs.

-Lyle Steinman

Castile Creek Kennels




Richard Mills

& the Winners of the

Super Retriever Series

Crown Championship!

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Ben Garcia & crew!

National Champion

& four other placements
at the English Setter
Field Trial National
Championship at Rocky
Mountain Roosters!

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National Champion Riley and Ben




"About two years ago, my German
Wirehair named Sage developed a
skin condition consisting of raised
eruptions that would scab over,
and then slough off. this was
accompanied by some itching.
After multiple vet visits and no
solutions that worked, including
shots and topical creams, I came
across your Itchy Dog product. I
figured it couldn't hurt to try and
within 4 weeks, my dog was
virtually free of eruptions and had
quit itching. Thanks again for your
wonderful product

Dan - Luck, WI







August 2014 Tip


Last month we showed you how to teach your pup to heel. It is very important your pup learn to heel consistently. This is the foundation for teaching your pup the most important command: WHOA for pointing dogs and SIT for flushing dogs.


The ultimate goal is to have a dog that WHOAs/SITs on command in the field at a distance from us. Pointing dogs need to remain staunch on point (WHOA) until the hunter. Then he/she comes and flushes, shoots and commands the retrieval of the bird. Flushing dogs need to SIT on the flush until the hunter shoots and commands the retrieve. You can see why these commands are so important.


Start by having your dog walk at heel on lead. Then command either WHOA or SIT (based on breed type). The dog, no doubt, will try to continue forward. Return the dog back to the heel position and command WHOA/SIT. Keep repeating the process and vary the distance between HEEL & WHOA/SIT commands. Repeat this drill a minimum of 50 to 100 times per training session. You can incorporate this drill into a square or figure 8 patterns. This will also teach your dog to HEEL properly on inside and outside turns. You will use the leads to keep the dog from falling back on an outside turn and from moving in front on inside turns. Now you are teaching your dog two commands in one drill!


Once your dog WHOAs/SITs consistently, it is time to "up the ante." Start by having your dog WHOA/SIT and take a small step to the side. When the dog moves with you, which he will, put him back in the original position and command WHOA/SIT. Repeat the process until the dog stays and does not follow. Then increase the distance between you and the dog. Now go forward, backward and 360 degrees around the dog on a 6 foot lead. Then move on to the 30 foot check cord and continue the process until you can go to the end of the cord.


WHOA and SIT dog training


Continue the process until you can do this without the check cord and your dog remains in position. Next month, we will work on getting your dog to WHOA/SIT on command while running in the field.

To learn more about dog trainig and upland hunting, visit my website.


See you next month with another training tip.


CJ & Shawnee

Dog Training Tip Archive


CJ hunting with Shawnee




ZoomDog® is designed to meet the unique needs of upland bird and waterfowl dogs. We hunt. We work with dogs. We know their needs.


Your gun dog has special needs that other dogs don’t have. You need products designed for these special needs, not just any dog. We realize the special bond you have to your dog. They are active for longer periods of time, under often harsh conditions. They are in and out of kennels, constantly moving, sitting patiently in cold conditions, working through heavy cover, in and out of cold and other situations that most dogs never experience.


They need special ingredients to keep them strong, support their endurance and keep their joints flexible, allowing them to hunt for extended years. All that work, wear and tear on their joints means they need special nutrients to keep them hunting stronger and longer. Their skin and coats need to be healthy to keep them warm and healthy throughout hunting season, and year round. Your gun dog isn’t just a good hunting buddy, they are also an investment in time, money and affection. Keep them in peak condition and you’ll enjoy many more years of successful hunting with your special dog.



If your gun dog is showing any of these signs, you need to check out Hunt Dog Hunt™ Performance Formula with antioxidants and joint strength nutrients.


In The Field:

Tires easily

Hunts very close or walks by your side

Reluctance to Kennel, or jump in & out of truck

Stiffness after working or in the mornings

Reluctance to keep going all day


At Home:

Difficulty getting up or climbing stairs

Reluctance to jump in or out of your truck

Tenderness or whining when their joints are touched

Don’t like to have their back or legs touched

Licking a joint



If your gun dog has any of these symptoms, you need to check out Itchy Dog Skin, Coat & Allergy Formula.


Scratching a lot

Watery eyes or nose

Licking excessively

Red, irritated skin

White flakes like dandruff

Dull coat

Chewing on paws

Inside of elbow joint is inflamed

Redness inside earflap

Crustiness around eyes

Redness on chin or lip folds

Crusty skin lesions



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Easy Dog is a natural, calming formula for travel, training and other times when you want to quiet your dog down some.  Check out the details.



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Daily Dog is a daily dietary supplement designed to help your sporting dog enjoy optimum health throughout its lifetime.  Check out the details.



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